Start Your Child Off Right With These 4 Collector Coins

If your child is looking to get into coin collecting, but they don't know where to start, then give them a helping hand by starting them off with four nice coins. A good idea would be to get them a collection of different types of denominations. So, below you will find a list that includes a dollar coin, as well as a nickel, dime and penny. All of the coins mentioned below are no longer in circulation, so you will be giving your child old, collector coins, and not simply coins that they might find when they get change at the supermarket.

Morgan Silver Dollars 

The first coin you should get your kid is a silver dollar. While you have many different choices, a good choice is the Morgan Liberty silver dollar. These coins are very popular with collectors, and they are not super rare. They also will help transport your child back in time to when people used coins for major transactions. It's likely that your child won't have ever seen a dollar coin. You can get an early year Morgan silver dollar from the late 1800s. You could impressive your child and point out to them that the silver dollars were used in salons during the heyday of Old West, and they are holding history in their hands.

Buffalo Nickle

The buffalo nickel is another great coin to add to your collection. It's the nickel that was issued before the current Jefferson nickel. One reason it makes a nice addition to a collection is that it has such as iconic design. On the front of the nickel is a portrait of a Native American in a headdress. This is why the nickel is also sometimes called an "Indian Head Nickle".

Mercury Dimes

These dimes are also fun to have in a collection because they were from a time when U.S. coinage would sometimes use mythical Greek or Roman figures. The Mercury dime also has some cool trivia associated with it. Most importantly, the portrait is not of the god Mercury, but instead of the goddess Liberty. There was quite a bit of confusion surrounding this. The actually name of the coin is Winged Liberty, but it is has entered the lexicon as the Mercury Dime because so many people thought the figure looked like the Roman god of commerce.

Indian Head Penny

Finally, we come to the Indian Head Penny. This is another interesting coin due to its design. While the official name is Indian Head Cent, the portrait has created lots of debate. Firstly, the figure is, once again, Liberty. Secondly, the engraver supposedly used a young woman as the model for the portrait. The figure is wearing a Native American headdress that was traditionally only worn by men. Some objected to the misuse of a cultural symbol, while others said it helped bring awareness to Native American issues. All of this adds a ton of interest to the coin and makes coin collecting so interesting.