Renting An ATM? Here’s What You Need To Know

ATM rental can be ideal for many business owners and event organizers. Whether you are organizing a small weekend flea market or a live sporting event, having an arsenal of ATMs will encourage attendees to spend more money and have more fun. So, by renting an ATM, you might be able to charge more, afford more third-party vendors, and keep attendees at the event (rather than leaving the site to get cash elsewhere). There are many great reasons to rent ATMs, but there are some important things you should know before making any decisions.

Delivery, Set Up, and Take Down

You will make the job so much easier on yourself if you invest in a full service package. That is, your ATMs will be dropped off and picked up at set times. Not only that, they will be set up so they are ready for the customers. When the ATM rental specialist leave the site, your ATM will be 100% ready to dispense money. You don't want to worry yourself or employees with any of the set up procedures. In fact, on a multi-day event, especially if it is outside, the rental company will probably come each night to close the machine and restock the cash. Some companies just replace the machine for a new one.

24-Hour On-Site Service

You should also make sure that you hire a company that will provide 24 hour on-site support (during the hours of your event). You don't want to call a number and talk to an operator as you try to sort out your issue. You want to have a serviceman who can come to the site and take care of any problems immediately.


ATM insurance comes with most contracts. But, you want to double check the agreements before you sign anything. Most importantly, you don't want to be held responsible for damage to the actual machine. You also have to worry about the actual theft of the machine or the cash. But, these problems are much less likely than the machine getting damaged. Remember, the ATM rental company should have their own insurance (separate from your contract with them) to protect their machines. So, they will file claims with their existing insurance if anything should happen to their machines during your event. You want to be certain they don't file any claims or seek damages from your business as well.

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