Tips On Sending Money To Brazil When You Are Moving There

If you need to send money to Brazil, chances are good that you're struggling with the problem of potentially high fees and not getting the exchange rate that you deserve. Here are some tips for sending money to Brazil so that it arrives safely with as few fees as possible.

1. Plan Ahead if You Plan to Wire Money

You will likely need to pay a high fee in order to send money to Brazil, especially if you are planning to wire the money. If you don't have any way to get the money to a bank in Brazil except for a wire transfer, consider trying to do it as early as possible. You can find many different services that are willing to wire money to Brazil. Some of them will have the money available within a few days, but charge higher wiring fees. Others charge lower wiring fees but it will take a week or more for your money to become available to you. Start doing your research early and see which service will allow you to get your money to Brazil for the lowest possible fees. Then, calculate when you are going to start needing money in Brazil. Set aside a few hundred dollars to get you through the first few days while you are in Brazil, especially immediately once you get off the plane, and then wire the rest so that it reaches your bank in Brazil by the time that you need it.

2. Check Out Online Services

Another option is to sign up for an online financial service where you can open an account. Store your money in this account by connecting it to your bank account and withdrawing as much as makes sense or is allowed by the online financial service. Many of these online financial services will offer debit cards that will work in international ATMs. Make sure that the debit card is supported overseas in order to make sure that you won't run into any trouble. After you have opened a bank account in Brazil, withdraw the money from your account in small batches or contact the online financial service that you are working with and let them know that you need to make a larger withdrawal. Then, withdraw the money and deposit it into your new bank account.

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